49. I do/work/like (Present Simple) – Geniş Zaman

They have a lot of boks.                    He’s eating ice-cream.

They read a lot.                                   He likes ice-cream.

They read / I read / he likes etc. => The present simple


⇒ he/she/it  -s: he likes, my sister Works, it rains.

I live in London but my brother lives in Scotland.


have -> has                            I have -> he/she/it has

Spelling: pass -> passes                   watch -> watches

do    -> does                        go       -> goes

study -> studies                      carry -> carries

-es after –s/-ch/-sh


Kullanım: Genel-geçer olaylarda doğa olaylarda, doğa olaylarında sürekli tekrarlanan olaylarda, hobi ve fobiler ifade edilirken kullanılır.

I like big cities.

The shops open at 9 o’clock and close at 5.30.

He works very hard. He starts at 7.30 and finishes at 8 in the evening.

The earth goes roud the sun.

We do a lot of different things in our free time.

She is very clever.

She speaks four languages.

It costs a lot of money to stay at luxury hotels.


Time adverbs (Present Simple tense)

always(her zaman): He always gets up 7 o’clock.

usually/generally (genellikle): I usually go to work by car.

sometimes(bazen, ara sıra): I sometimes go for a walk.

scarcely (nadiren): She scarcely goes to cinema.

never(asla, hiçbir zaman): Jack eats very little. He never has breakfast.

often(sık sık): The weather here is not very good. It often rains.

every: her  => everyday/Sunday/ week/ weekend/ month/month/summer/year…

We go to the beach every day.

Every year, my parents visit me here.

His father works everyday.

Angelina comes to Turkey every year.


Do you …? (Present Simple Questions)

Kural: do I/we/you/they                 –          Do they like music?

does he/she/it                        –          Does he like music?

⇒ Present simple sorularında do/does kullanırız.


Positive                                              Questions

I           work                                        do       I

we       play                                         we                   play?

you      do                                            you                 work?

they    like                                          they

he        works                                     he                   do?

she      plays                                       does    she                  like?

it         likes                                                    it


Kural: Soru kelimesi + do/does + subject + Infinitive(V1)

Do you usually work on Sunday?


Where do your parents live?

How often do you wash your hair?

Do they like music?

What do you usually do at weekends?

Does Chris often play tennis?

How much does it cost to fly fly Rome?


→ What do you do? = What is your job?

What do you do? I work in a bank.


Short answers (Kısa cevaplar)

I, we, you, theydo.                 No, I/we/you/they don’t.

Yes, she/he/it does.                          he/she/it doesn’t.


Do you smoke? No, I don’t.

Do they speak English? Yes, they do.

Does he work hard? Yes, he does.

Does your sister live in London?   No, she doesn’t.


∆∆∆want, like, love, hate, need, prefer, depend, know, mean, understand, believe, remember, forget…                                                                                                                                               

   I don’t … (Present Simple Negative)

Kural:don’t / doesn’t + Infinitive (like,do,speak,work)

→ She speaks Spanish but she doesn’t speak Italian.


∆∆∆I/we/you/they don’t: I don’t like football.

he/she/it doesn’t: He doesn’t like football.

Positive:                                                       Negative:

I                       work                                       I                       don’t               work

we                   play                                        we                   do not

you                 do                                           you                                         play

they                like                                         they                                        do

he                   works                                      he                   doesn’t           like

she                  plays                                       she                  does not         go

it                     does                                       it


=>I drink coffee but I don’t drink tea.

=>Sue drinks milk but she doesn’t drink Rakı.

=>You don’t speak English very well.

=>They don’t watch television very often.

=>Rice doesn’t grow in cold countries.

=>We don’t know many people in this town.

=>I don’t like Felix and Felix doesn’t like me.

=>My car doesn’t use much petrol.

=>Sometimes he is late but it doesn’t happen very often.



London: Londra                                             Scotland: İskoçya

pass: geçmek; He passes the river everyday.

carry: taşımak; The policemen carry guns.

river:nehir                 gun:silah                    city:şehir

go round: etrafında dönmek                        language: dil

thing:şey                                                       cost: …tutmak, fiyatı olmak…


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