55. The Relative Pronouns

                                                          Özne (Subject)                                   Nesne(Object)            İyelik (Possessive)

that                                                      that                                 whose

Sınırlayan ilgi Zamirleri                   who                                                     whom                             whose

(Essential Clauses)                             which                                                   which                             whose


Sınırlamayan ilgi Zamirleri            who                                                     whom                              whose

(Nonessential Clauses)                      which                                                  which                              whose


John threw the ball that broket he window.

I know the girl who lives here.

This is the car which is very expensive.


John, who lives across the street, is a friend of mine.

I eat in a restaurant, which is near my office.


I remember the story that he told us.

I know the girl whom you met here.

I like the car which he bought.


Jane, whom you met tonight, is a doctor.

The book, which I have just finished, was interesting.

The girl whose mother we met tonight is a doctor.

They live in England, whose people speak English.


1. Biri diğerini tamamlayan cümleciklerden (clauses) meydana gelmiş söz dizisine birleşik cümle (complex sentences)

2. Birleşik cümlede, temel düşünceyi bildiren cümleciğe temel cümlecik (main clause) bunu tamamlayan düşünceyi belirtene de yan cümlecik (subordinate clauses)

3. Yan cümlecik iki veya daha çok olabilir. Örnekler:


MAIN CLUSES                                                SUBORDINATE CLAUSES

The results are                                                 what interest me.

He was absent from class                             because he was sick.

Please return this book                                 after you have read it.

Be sure to check out                                      before you leave the hotel.

Telephone me                                                as soon as you get home.

I want to live                                                  where he goes.

I know the girl                                               who lives here.


Üç cins yan cümlecik vardır:

  1. Sıfat cümleciği (adjective/relative clause)

2. Zarf cümleciği (adverb clause)

3. İsim cümleciği (Noun clause)


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