70. Verbs & Phrases with Prepositions – Edatlı Fiiler ve İfadeler


talk about: hakkında konuşmak, lafını etmek

They’re always talking about selling the house and moving away.

object to: itiraz etmek, karşı çıkmak

He objects to the label “magician”.

insist on: -de ısrar etmek, direnmek

I don’t know why you insist on talking about it.

instead of: yerine

Instead of complaining, why don’t we try to change things?

be good/bad at: bir şeyde iyi/kötü olmak

He’s really good at making people feel comfortable.

be tired of: bıkkın, bıkmış

I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do all the time.

succeed in: başarmak (bir şeyi yapmayı)

The campaign has certainly succeeded in raising public awareness of the issue.

be gifted in: yetenekli, kabiliyetli

He was gifted in music and he used to play drums.

be interested in: … ile ilgili, meraklı

She’s not especially interested in sport.

be fond of: düşkün, bir şeye bayılan

“I’m very fond of you, you know,” he said.

apologise for: özür dilemek

I must apologize to Isobel for my lateness.

feel like: duygusu içinde olmak

“Are you coming to aerobics?” “No, I don’t feel like it today.”

keen on: meraklı, düşkün

She’s keen on playing tennis.

be crazy about: tutkun, delisi

They are crazy about football.

complain about: yakınmak, şikayetçi olmak

Lots of people have complained about the noise.

be accustomed to: bir şeyi yapmaya alışmak

I’m not accustomed to being treated like this.

be of use: bir şeye yaramak

There has been an increase in the use of migrant workers in recent years.

blame for: -den sorumlu tutmak

John blames his mother for his lack of confidence.

worry about: hakkında kaygılanmak, merak etmek

Sometimes I worry about the future.

be happy about: -den memnun olmak

The staff are not very happy about the latest pay increase.

believe in: inanmak, güvenmek

I believe in giving a person a second chance.

be into: aşırı ilgi duymak

Jackie’s really into classical music.

base on: dayanmak

Which movies are based on true stories? 

think of: düşünmek

She’s always thinking of others.

thank for: teşekkür etmek

Thank you for your understanding.

be afraid of: -den korkmak

The government is afraid of further serious rioting today.

be responsible for: -den sorumlu

The city council is responsible for keeping the streets clean.

invest in: yatırım yapmak

These people invest in results, not dreams

be proud of: iftihar etmek

You must be very proud of your son.

wait for: beklemek

There is a letter waiting for you.

listen to: dinlemek

Listen to your heart.

depend on: bağlı olmak, güvenmek

Whether or not we go to Mexico for our holiday depends on the cost.

be aware of: farkında olmak

Were you aware of the risks at the time?

be up to: hazır, istekli, hevesli

He looks very suspicious hanging around outside – I’m sure he’s up to something.

be sorry for: üzülmek

I am sorry for being late. 

have confidence in: güvenmek, itimat etmek

I have every confidence in him.

on behalf of: …adına

On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work.

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