Motivation Letter of Ahmet AKYOL

21.06, 2012

Kassel, Germany

Dear Mr. Andreas Weist,

My name is Ahmet Akyol. I am Turkish and I am 27 years old. I study German as a foreign language at the education faculty at Dokuz Eylül University and at the moment I am spending the second term of my studies at Kassel University in Germany.

I would like to take part at a long-term EVS project and I am particularly interested in projects with the themes of Inter-religious Dialogue, Anti discrimination, European Awareness, Education through sport and outdoor activity, Youth activities, Youth Leisure, Post conflict, Art and culture, Gender equality, , Equal opportunities, Social integration, Urban development, Environment, Media and Communication/Youth Information.

In my opinion EVS is a great opportunity to make new friends, to practice another language and to get to know the culture of another country. By participating in an EVS project I can learn more about disabled people’s ideas, wishes, needs and problems I want to develop new skills and increase my experience in social work by working with them. Because I have been studying German as foreign language at the education faculty, we had a class with the name social responsibility. This project fits me perfect, while I will be a German teacher in the future and work with them can be very advantageous for me. Especially to teaching something new is a part my business. I am patient, understanding and friendly.

I am working voluntarily for a non-governmental organisation. Because of my interests and foreign languages, I had the possibility to join into youth-exchange projects before. Yet I have a great will to develop such projects and I am really interested in organising seminars, workshops and different activities. I am sure that I will enjoy them very much. By working with another organization from Europe, I also hope to create the space for partnership and future co-operation on an international level.

During my time in university, I have taken part in European youth exchange projects (Action 1.1) which gave me a chance to get to know several other countries and cultures. Living in an EU member country would give me the chance to see how things work from inside. So it would be a very rewarding experience for my academic career. I am also looking forward to meeting new people from European countries and share my ideas and experiences with them. I am sure that it would contribute to my education by improving my knowledge about European culture. Furthermore, I want to present my own traditions and culture to the people in Luxembourg and tell them more about my own country.

Here are the some of my youth projects and programs: I was pedicab driver in Central Park, New York, USA with the program Work and Travel (01/07/2011 – 10/09/2011). l have  been in “Mediterranean: Essence Of Civilizations”, Rotaract Youth Action project as a participant in Ragusa/Sicily (Italy) (21/02/2010 – 26/02/2010). l have been in Blickpunkt Kleinstaat: Hier Und Jetzt In Lichtenstein- Die Jugend Ist (Nicht Nur) Unsere Zukunft as a participant in Balzers (Lichtenstein) (08/03/2008 – 17/03/2008).l have been in Through Europe In Dance Steps In Craiova (Romania) as a participant (09/03/2009 – 16/03/2009).I have been in Role Models Forming Stereotypes, Action 1.1 as a participant Deutschlandsberg/Graz (Austria) (09/03/2009 – 16/03/2009)

(I want to give some information about my personality and areas of interest.) I am a positive, kind and friendly person who tries support the people around me wherever they need it. I can say that I am really open minded and don’t have any prejudices. I respect every person who has a different character, values and beliefs. I think that tolerance; respect and mutual understanding are the most important forces to maintain, spread and secure peace all around the world. I am a very communicative person. I am able to adapt myself to different environments, because I think that being able to live and work in different surroundings is extremely motivating and enjoyable.

I have a wide range of interests. First of all, I love music and feel like I can’t live without it. I like chasing bars looking for good music, going to concerts and dancing all night. I am fond of travelling, visiting my friends and experiencing some adventure with them. I like visiting museums and historical places when I am travelling.

I am very dynamic and joyful. I like swimming, cycling, trekking, and playing games like table tennis, darts and table soccer. I am interested in different branches of sport. I am the founder of the bike club in our university. I like going to basketball and volleyball matches and I like watching Formula 1 on the TV.

Besides that I enjoy reading books, watching films, playing PC games and surfing on the internet in my free time. I enjoy trying different tastes of food and drinks whenever I can and want to get to know the German cuisine as well. I am a creative person; I find decorating very relaxing and like creating my own style of living. I have an endless curiosity and I can learn new things in a short time. I can adapt to difficult situations and I do not give up easily when I face challenges.

Till now I have worked with many people coming from all over the world. When there is a problem, I like discussing about the problem and finding the best solution. During the discussion it is really great to learn from other people.
I like working with the computer and I am good at the programs like word, Excel and PowerPoint. These Microsoft office programs are so useful during office works. I write my reports in Word list my information in Excel and prepare my presentation in PowerPoint. Especially I use these programs for the documentation of projects. Such a long time I have been working voluntarily in the organisations. During the presentations I learned very well to use devices like computer, projector.
Without dance I cannot live. Dance is international, dance is universal. If you dance someone from any other part of the world, you don’t need to speak the same language. Dance brings everybody on the dance floor. In 2008 I took part into a dance project in Romania. Furthermore I can keep in touch with new people very quickly. I like meeting new people coming from all over the world. It is always really interesting to organise several activities with them.
I like cycling, trekking, camping, dancing. Since my childhood I have had my bikes. I think cycling is more than transportation or hobby. Bicycle is shortly a way of life: environmentalist, healthy and economic. I go so often mountains, forests and city parks for trekking. When I am in nature, I feel really happy. Particularly I like going for trekking with my friends. When people have more time in nature, the give more importance to the environment. For camping I go to mountains with my friends in summer time.

I hope you will find my profile interesting and suitable to be a volunteer in your organisation. I would like to apply for the vacant EVS position before the next deadline; 01.09.2012. I would be so glad and thankful if your organisation accepts my application and offers me such a big chance.

Yours Sincerely,

Ahmet Akyol

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